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French Data Source Update

As part of the French transition this weekend a new scoring model will be launched for French businesses. It is expected that a large number of French cases will change score and rating. This is due to the fact that previously these companies were rated using a D&B model whereas the companies will now be rated using a local model. The change of scorecard may cause a higher than normal number of monitoring notices. It may also cause a shift in portfolio risk distribution for customers using such products as Portfolio Manager.

System Impact

The following details the impact to all affected products and systems:

  • Monitoring notices – will not be delivered between 7th Dec and 10th Dec. Delivery and catch-up will recommence on Sunday, 11th Dec.
  • Investigations – will not be delivered between 7th Dec and 10th Dec. Delivery and catch-up will recommence on Sunday, 11th Dec.
  • Online systems – French data will be unavailable in our online systems from approx. 1800 GMT/1900 CET/1300 EST 13:00 on Friday, 9th Dec. until approximately 1300 GMT/1400 CET/0800 EST on Saturday, 10th Dec.
  • Scores – will be switched to a new scoring engine at Altares.
  • Data – products will have data as of 5th Dec. until the transition is completed on 10th Dec.
  • Source – all French products will be sourced from Altares starting on Saturday, 10th Dec., upon completion of the transition.

Additional impact

Certain products have additional impact specific to their environment as listed below.


  • From 8th Dec. – DOM markets* will be unavailable to DBAI customers until transition completes on 10th Dec.
  • From 9th Dec. – Scores in e-Portfolio will be updated to reflect the new scores in the Altares system.


  • From 6th Dec. – Monitoring on DOM markets* will be cancelled for DNBi as of 6 December and will not be re-enabled.
  • From 7th Dec. – Monitoring notices specifically for Global Failure Risk Band and Deliverable Failure Score for France and Monaco will be suspended until transition completes on 10 Dec.


  • From 9   Dec – Pre-existing monitoring notices on DOM markets* will be unavailable to view until transition completes on 10th Dec. These notices will be updated with new DOM country codes.


  • From 7th Dec – Latest data on France and Monaco will not be available in Optimizer until transition completes on 10  Dec.


  • DOM Markets (Départements d’outre mer) are overseas departments having the same political status as metropolitan departments in mainland France.
  • The DOM Markets reported on by Dun & Bradstreet are French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion Island.

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