New! D&B Onboard

An effective tool for global compliance controls

With new, more extensive and ever changing compliance rules, managing your compliance controls effectively is a challenge. Compliance is not solely about following the authorities' requirements. Doing business with the wrong counterpart can involve both financial risks and negative publicity. With D&B Onboard you manage your controls quickly and effectively in a user-friendly tool.

With D&B Onboard you are able to perform verifications in the Dun & Bradstreet database which contains about 250 million companies worldwide in over 200 countries. We cover information about the owners, management and operations so that you get a complete view of the company in question. Onboard lets you perform checks on sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), regulatory authorities and stock exchanges.

You also have the option to add notes and save completed checks so that you can go back and verify old results if the need should arise.

An easy-to-use tool

Onboard includes an easy to use search tool which allows you to identify companies worldwide. The information can then be enriched in a number of key areas of compliance and verification, for example:

  • Basic Entity ID – get correct verification of the company                 
  • Sanction lists Check – control both the company and the executives towards sanction lists worldwide
  • Country Risk Check – check if the country where the company operates in is sanctions listed
  • Stock Exchange – find out if and where the company is listed
  • Regulators lists Check –  see if the company is registered by the financial control authorities
  • PEP –  find out if  the executives are Politically Exposed Persons
  • C-level Executive Check – check towards sanction lists for executives
  • Business Summary – get information about company status and legal form of business
  • Credit Information – carry out a company credit report

Streamlined process

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