Release 25.1.2017

Dun & Bradstreet French Data Center is Moving

As part of our ongoing effort to deliver indispensable content to our clients through modern channels, Dun & Bradstreet through our French Data Source Altares will be enhancing the French Data Center. The data center which hosts French data for our online products will be relocating to a new facility in January and February of 2017. During these migration windows, the French Data Center will not be available to customers using D&B Credit, DBAI, DNBi, Onboard, Toolkit and dependent applications (e.g. GDM, Portfolio Manager, SR Manager, eRAM, etc).

What do our customers need to know?

The move will be completed over two weekends and are scheduled as follows:  

Phase 1:
10:00 AM CET Saturday 28th Jan. – 19:00 PM CET Sunday 29th Jan.
[09:00 AM GMT Saturday 28th Jan. – 18:00 PM GMT Sunday 29th Jan.]
[04:00 AM EST Saturday 28th Jan. – 13:00 PM EST Sunday 29th Jan.]

Phase 2:
10:00 AM CET Saturday 4th Feb. – 07:30 AM CET Monday 6th Feb.
[09:00 AM GMT Saturday 4th Feb. – 06:30 AM GMT Monday 6th Feb.]
[04:00 AM EST Saturday 4th Feb. – 01:30 AM EST Monday 6th Feb.]

All customers using French Data through our Online Products will experience service disruptions during the migration windows.  This impacts all customers using French Data through products such as D&B Credit, DBAI, DNBi, Onboard and Toolkit.  

Monitoring notices will not be delivered on the Sunday and Monday following each of the two weekends – that’s 29th Jan., 30th Jan., 5th Feb., and 6th Feb.  In addition, Investigations will not be delivered on the Saturday and Sunday following each of the two weekends – that’s 28th Jan., 29th Jan., 4th Feb., and 5th Feb.

What actions do I need to take?

Once the migration is completed, French Data will be available through the customer’s D&B application.  There will be no further action needed from the customer to support this change.

What if I have questions about the update?

Should you have any questions about this update or how to get the most benefit out of the upcoming change, please contact your D&B Representative, your local D&B Customer Services Team, or for assistance.


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