Release 24.2.2015

D&B Global Reference Solution updates

Global Reference Solution (GRS) is now supported by Chrome Browsers v.37 onwards and can also be used on Apple’s Macs. Other supported browsers are Internet Explorer 8-11. Please be reminded that pop-up blockers need to be disabled before using GRS in a new browser.

A new feature in the GRS reports is the D&B Viability Rating for US records. The D&B Viability Rating compares the most predictive business risk indicators and delivers a highly reliable assessment of the probability that a company will no longer be in business within the next 12 months. The D&B Viability Rating is made up of 4 components, the Viability Score, a Portfolio Comparison, a Data Depth Indicator and a Company Profile. For more in-depth information please read the D&B Viability Rating Quick Guide (pdf).

The D&B Viability Rating is available for US records only in the global GRS version including corporate linkages. The usage of Viability Rating is free of charge in Search and View Results/Company profile. Printing and exporting the Viability Rating consumes 2 credits per record. To enable the feature in your GRS, please contact our customer support at

Global Reference Solution is a powerful, unique online-tool to search and segment D&B's full global database to obtain information on individual businesses or identify members of corporate families or market segments.


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