Product Update

D&B Country Insight Snapshots is replacing D&B Country RiskLine Reports

When exporting or investing abroad it is vitally important to have the most up-to-date information available to help you identify business opportunities and evaluate your risk exposure. D&B Country Insight Snapshots provide the essential analysis to keep you informed of business trading conditions in overseas markets.

D&B Country Insight Snapshots are the quick, easy and cost-effective way to monitor developments in your chosen market. Updated monthly, these reports typically provide a summary of the more detailed information contained in the D&B Country Insight Reports and are ideal when you need information just once, on just one country or when you need to monitor developments over several months.
Displayed in an easy-to-follow format, the reports present country-level intelligence, insight and recommendations on a single market to provide decision ready coverage on cross-border and country-specific risks and opportunities.

How do D&B Country Insight Snapshots help you?
Whether your focus is on evaluating operational environments in a new market, monitoring fluctuations in exchange rates or assessing changes in payments terms in a known business relationship, D&B Country Insight Snapshots allow you to integrate expert knowledge and commercially relevant forecasts into your own business processes.

The reports show an outline of the country’s short-term economic, social and political environment, helping you quickly understand the key factors influencing operational risk in the country and provide a guide to help you trade more effectively.

The data, analysis and five-year forecasts are combined with D&B’s Country Risk Rating and quick reference trend data, facilitating the easy comparison of business conditions across countries and allowing you to develop the most effective strategies on which your company can act.

D&B Country Insight Snapshots are compiled by a team of highly skilled analysts using exclusive data (macro) gathered from D&B’s global network of reporting offices and worldwide database of over 240+ million company records (micro). This information is supplemented by primary data from national and international sources, and secondary data from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other multilateral organisations.

Information on each individual country includes:

  • D&B Country Risk Indicator - A unique and comparative crossborder assessment of the risk of doing business in a country
  • Rating Trend - A quick reference guide on whether the country’s overall risk environment is stable, improving or deteriorating
  • Core Outlook - A summary section highlighting the positive and negative business outlook in a country
  • Key Development - The key factor affecting the operating risk in a country assessed across four key business environments
  • Economic Indicators - A table of key economic statistics covering three years of historical data and five-year forecasts
  • Trade & Commercial Environment - A succinct assessment of developments affecting a country’s trade and commercial environments, including information on payments performance, trade and investment agreements, and foreign exchange reserves
  • Trade & Transfer Situation - A guide to recommended and minimum credit terms and usual credit periods including payment delays with regard to local and foreign currency, exchange rates and on-going credit conditions
  • Risks & Opportunities - Focused analysis of a country’s current short-term economic outlook, including socio-political and economic forecasts including a view on the business environment quality

D&B Country Insight Snapshots for individual countries are available from D&B's subscription web platforms or via your local office customer centres. They provide focused, integrated updates on the broader, deeper coverage provided elsewhere in our product portfolio.


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