Consumer Credit Information

The API provides real-time consumer credit information. The API response contains e.g. a person’s basic Information, business connections, scoring, credit recommendation and credit remarks.

API endpoints

  • - test environment
  • - production environment

Here you can download WSDL file

In order to use the API you must have a valid environment-specific user and customer ID's. All API requests must be made over HTTPS.REQUEST THE USER AND CUSTOMER ID'S

API request parameters

KayttajaTunnus String User ID. Bisnode will provide this ID. M
AsiakasTunnus String Customer ID. Bisnode will provide this ID. M
LoppuAsiakas_Koodi String For example the service/site id that request was sent to. e.g. 54321 M
LoppuAsiakas_Nimi String The name of the company who made the request. e.g. Customer Company Ltd M
LoppuAsiakas_HenkiloNimi String The name of the person who made the request. e.g. John Doe M
AsiakkaanViite String Reference information. O
Versio String API version number. e.g. 1 O
HenkiloTunnus String Personal identification number (ssn). e.g. 160162-9968 M
SyyKoodi String You must define why this request was made. Available options: 1=Application For Credit, 2=Credit Sale Control, 3=Debt Collection, 5=Key person of a Company, 6=Applicant's inspection right, 7=Agreement of lease, 8=Evaluation of employee/jobseeker, 9=Authority's right for information, A=Guarantee or pledge, B=Definition of agreement, C=Certificate of liability M
HenkiloTiedot String You can define, what kind of personal data API response contains. Available options: k=personal data, x=personal data and bric, y=personal data and consumer classification, z=personal data, consumer classification and bric, e=none (no personal data). O
LuottoTietoMerkinnat String If you want to know person's credit remarks. Available options: s=credit remarks. O
YritysYhteydet String If you want to know person's business connections. Available options: k=yes. O
ScoreJaLuottoSuositus String If you want to know person's scoring and credit recommendation. Available options: k=yes. O

Simple API request and response example


            <LoppuAsiakas_Nimi>Customer Company Ltd</LoppuAsiakas_Nimi>
            <LoppuAsiakas_HenkiloNimi>John Doe</LoppuAsiakas_HenkiloNimi>
            <AsiakkaanViite>Normal credit recomm</AsiakkaanViite>


                  <OnnistuikoHaku Koodi="0000">Haku onnistui</OnnistuikoHaku>
                     <LahiosoiteS>Raas &amp; Tuvankatu 19c C 5</LahiosoiteS>
                     <LahiosoiteR>Råd &amp; Husgatan 19c C 5</LahiosoiteR>

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