People Monitoring REST

Why to use People Register Monitor

1. High quality data

People register monitor get changes from VRK (Population Registration Center) and data is as up to date as possible in Finland.

2. Upload changes when you want, and as often you want; download changes when you want and as often you want

There is no need for careful planning and syncronization for file transfer. You decide when you retrieve data.

3. Plain simple and straightforward

There is no need for errorprone file parsing or FTP file transfers. Register monitor service provides you two simple REST endpoint: one for uploding data and another for downloading changes.

4. Fast to implement

Unlike in other update services, you don't need to move files by using (S)FTP, and wait for days until you know wether or not your integration works. 

Develoment workflow is a lot more convenient when you implement intergration to this service. You simply upload your data as JSON by using batch endpoint, and response will tell you whether data was formated correctly. Then you wait few minutes (not hours, or even days), and you download updated information for the uploaded persons in your register. Feedback cycle during development is usually less than minute. Depending on the target system, you have good change to get service up and running in just few calendar days after you start development.


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