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40 billion reasons to prioritize credit information

40 billion reasons to prioritize credit information

As much as 50 percent of Swedish companies face extensive liquidity challenges. Defaults and reduced credit rating among customers has a clear effect on cash flow. The corresponding value is SEK 40 billion annually in Sweden. Small businesses are no exception. Thirty percent of them believe that their continued survival is at risk as a result of their customers not paying their debts on time. Bisnode's credit information gives you insights into customers and suppliers, both in Sweden, the Nordic region and, through our partner Dun & Bradstreet, the world.

Maximize opportunities with the right information

Maximize opportunities with the right information

Streamline credit decisions with relevant data

  • Base your credit decisions on reliable data and make sure that you always do business with the right customers and suppliers
  • Identify existing and potential customers' payment patterns with our unique payment index.
  • Increase cash flow by identifying those customers who need immediate attention

Bisnod'es models for credit rating give you the opportunity to make calculated, impartial and prompt risk decisions. With the help of rating and recommended credit limit, you'll see when you should request prepayment from customers and when you should limit or increase the amount of credit. The AAA rating is a symbol of the risk of insolvency or bankruptcy, and is set based on a combination of data statistically secured by Bisnode's analyses. For corporations, for example, key figures from the annual report are relevant to establish the company's credit rating.


Bisnode's consumer data gives you a complete basis for making safe and profitable decisions when granting loans to private individuals in the Nordic region. With access to comprehensive information, you can avoid both credit losses and fraud, thus ensuring cash flow and better customer relations.


The individual data contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Income
  • Non-payment record
  • Outstanding debt to collectors
  • Marital status
  • Property ownership

Do you have large volumes and need more integrated solutions? 

Bisnode's payment index helps you monitor your customers and maps out their payment patterns. Knowing which customers you should cherish and which you should keep an extra eye on can be crucial for creating profitability and long-term customer relationships. Our payment index allows you to know in advance which customers have late payment habits. With that knowledge, you can minimize company costs.

Our credit reports will help you make daily credit decisions, analyze a company's financial strength and discover new business opportunities.

Our information for both businesses and individuals is always updated daily. We offer everything from a quick summary of rating and scoring, to a full disclosure of information, such as when a company was registered, financial statements, board members and company signatory, credit history and any outstanding debt.

You can easily and comfortably download your credit report from our portal. If you prefer to receive it directly into your company's own systems, we will develop an integrated solution.

During procurement procedures there are often requirements to be able to demonstrate creditworthiness. Bisnode's credit report gives you this certificate as part of a complete documentation which includes Bisnode's AAA rating, financial information and board information.

Order an up-to-date credit report prior to the procurement.

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in the world your customers and suppliers operate. Reliable reports of a company's operations, profitability and financial stability can be a vital basis for your future business deals.

You receive knowledge of and access to:

  • Risk assessment
  • Solvency of customers and suppliers
  • Financial data and analysis
  • Guidance for new business opportunities

Our range of reports

We offer several types of reports with different data content and level of detail. The reports also vary depending on the legislation and specific conditions in the different countries. You choose the report that best suits your needs.

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