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The customer experience affects profitability
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Identify challenges with access to customer feedback in multiple channels


Streamline internal processes with continuous assessments of customer satisfaction


Boost business through a clear focus on the customer experience

Customer focus gives a competitive edge

Customer focus gives a competitive edge

As competition has become global, price, location and product are no longer the only ways for companies that want to run a successful business to compete. Instead, the customer's experience of your company is an important factor. Customer experience (CX) is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to keep their customers, and it is no secret that it is significantly cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one.

The international research firm Gartner conducted a survey in 2014 in which they concluded that 89 percent of businesses expected to compete primarily based on customer experience already in 2016. At the same time, a full 82 percent voiced concern that their management of the customer experience would not be enough.

The customer experience is created in every interaction a customer has with your brand, products and services — throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Using Bisnode's services, you can ensure that your business continuously measures feedback on direct communication with your customers. It gives you insights and opportunities to act quickly. At Bisnode there are also experienced analysts and business developers who can guide you through the process and ensure that you have continuous access to customer feedback in real time.

Understand the customer experience with real-time insights

Understand the customer experience with real-time insights

Continuous measurement in multiple channels

  • Discover business challenges with early indications from ongoing measurements
  • Act on customer feedback in real time
  • Increase customer satisfaction by linking measurement results with specific actions
Optimize internal processes with the help of customer feedback

Optimize internal processes with the help of customer feedback

Make improvement work concrete with real-time surveys

  • Identify the need for targeted actions for your business on the unit, group or individual level
  • Optimize the customer experience using ongoing measurements and comparisons against relevant KPIs
  • Streamline your sales efforts with a clearer understanding of your customers' experiences
Enable continuous development of your business with a clear customer focus

Enable continuous development of your business with a clear customer focus

Learn from the effect of customer satisfaction on sales volume and earnings

  • Improve customer loyalty by understanding customers' experience with your sales, delivery, and service
  • Increase customer lifetime value by understanding the opportunities for additional sales and extended customer relationships
  • Identify the right investments with a clear picture of the customer's perspective

Bisnode Voice of the Customer is your customer's voice in real time. With Bisnode Voice of the Customer, you can capture feedback from your customers in an effective manner, giving you the tools to become more customer-focused. By measuring the feedback from customers through multiple channels, you get immediate and effective follow-up that gives you an understanding of what needs to change. Find out what your customers really think and gain the insight required to make strategic and tactical changes that improve both your customer relationships and your business.

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Bisnode offers solutions for text analysis that can help you get more out of your unstructured data. By using tools with an understanding of linguistic meaning and adapting these to the language models that apply to your industry and your channels, we can provide a text-based analysis that is tailored for your business.

Bisnode's experienced team conducts analyses that not only enable you to work smarter with existing customers and expand your business, but also to find new profitable customers to cultivate. The analyses start out with your business challenges as we combine your customer data with Bisnode's quality data to find the right solution for your company. We have some of the best organizational consultants and analysts who can help you decide how to proceed in your work with customer experience and your business processes.

In consultation with you, we choose one or more measurement methods for the day-to-day work. We provide analysis and interpretation of the results and recommendations for how to use the insights.

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