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Match your target audiences by selecting the right people


Increase accuracy with relevant and current data


Make sure your message reaches its audience by selecting the right channel

From strategy to implementation

From strategy to implementation

To create successful sales and marketing activities, you need to be able to identify and understand target audiences and direct relevant offers to them. Then, once the advanced analyses are completed and the smart strategies developed, they have to be implemented. The challenge lies in being able to translate target audiences into actual people and reach them in the channels in which they are most receptive. To determine whether or not a campaign is successful, you also need to be able to identify a result and confirm that your company's message has reached its audience. No matter what assessment criteria you use, evaluations are key to being able to continuously develop and optimize your activities and ensure that their implementation is in line with your strategies.

Bisnode's solution helps you identify who you should be targeting and enables you to reach those potential customers who match your target audience. With access to relevant data and the information you need, you can make sure your direct marketing hits home. The data is handled in accordance with applicable regulations and accepted practices and is regularly updated. This means that you can be sure it is reliable and used correctly.

Identify customers

Identify customers

Make the right selections with the right data

  • Pinpoint interesting target audiences using advanced analyses and relevant data
  • Identify people who match your target audiences through access to accurate information
  • Ensure that your strategies are implemented by defining concrete target audiences
Optimize your marketing

Optimize your marketing

Confirmed results with data-driven campaigns

  • Reach the right customers with targeted messages in relevant channels by precisely defining target audiences
  • Nurture key employees of strategic prospective clients using IP-based marketing
  • Ensure continuously effective direct marketing with response analyses and up-to-date information

If you work with direct advertising, telemarketing, campaign planning or sales, Bisnode has a number of proven services and tools for targeting. With access to information and contact details for over 1 million companies and workplaces and 1.8 million key professionals in the business community, we give you the tools to hit your mark. This includes finding the right channels, which means not only making sure that the channel is workable, but also that it will result in a response from the customer. We help you find your target audiences and potential customers and ensure that you are selecting relevant targets and channels through access to a number of different selection variables. Monitoring your selected target groups makes sure you always know when relevant information is changed, such as the startup or liquidation of a company or the replacement of a key executive. This ensures that you always have access to the correct names, titles and addresses so you can create effective direct marketing.

Examples of Bisnode's selection variables:


  • Sector
  • Number of employees
  • Position
  • Geography
  • Legal form
  • Export/import
  • Private/public
  • Part of a corporate group


  • Revenue
  • Growth forecast
  • Risk
  • Change in profits
  • Change in revenue
  • Capital stock
  • Equity/Assets ratio
  • Rating


  • New CEO registered
  • Merger/acquisition
  • Change of address
  • New company

If you would rather choose your own criteria for selection, we have developed tools for this, too. To experiment with your selection and immediately see the size of your potential target group, visit

Creating effective campaigns requires a deep understanding of the factors that control people. You need to know things like what they do in their free time, what they think today and what they plan to do tomorrow. In our complex world, traditional selection criteria are no longer as relevant or applicable. Bisnode Kollektion gives you a more accurate overview of today's consumers by combining and analyzing a number of different data sources. Your target audience selections gain more vibrant dimensions with over 50 variables supported by crucial factors such as the individual, household and geography. This allows you to further pinpoint your selections and reach out to the right audience.

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Bisnode's target group monitoring helps you keep track of the target groups that are of interest to your business. This gives you access to prospects — both companies and private consumers — that match your strategy and your needs. Monitoring your target audience can provide you with information on new companies and decision-makers. For consumers, you can keep track of who moves in, within and between different areas.

We offer solutions in account-based marketing via our wholly owned subsidiary Vendemore. This IP-based advertising enables you to effectively reach specific strategic accounts. It allows you to build long-lasting relationships and optimize sales and marketing activities to select customers. The solution combines the opportunity to reach the right decision-makers with the potential in digital interfaces, enabling you to communicate with customers or potential customers when they have made the decision to go online and actively search for information. By customizing your offer and message, your campaigns and communication become more relevant and interesting. This gives you the tools to create a successful and profitable business.

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Using Bisnode's response analysis, we evaluate your target group selection based on who responds and how they respond. This knowledge can then be used to continuously develop and improve your campaigns. Response analysis shows you which messages work best and which groups you should direct them to. We supplement information from your customer database with our information database, which contains data such as level of education and type of housing. The customers you have recruited through campaigns are compared with the target audiences for your mailings. This gives you valuable information about your new customers, who they are and how you can continue to nurture them. We can also analyze which media channels give you the best results for specific messages and target audiences. Feedback on how you can more precisely define your target groups and make better selections in all address sources gives you valuable tools to improve your accuracy in recruiting customers.