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Simplify your review process for individuals


Secure access to current consumer data in your CRM system


Ensure regulation compliance in your directories

Constant changes require fresh data

Constant changes require fresh data

Every year people move to a new address, people become first-time parents and people retire. These are events that affect not only an individual’s role as a citizen, but also their buying habits and preferences as consumers. Whether you work in the private or public sector, it is essential that you have quality-assured personal data on all individuals registered in order to make the right decisions.


With Bisnode’s solutions for personal and consumer data, you can be sure that your decision support is updated with the latest information from official channels.

Gain insight through background checks

Gain insight through background checks

Make sure the personal data you have is correct

  • Get accurate information on whether a person owns a property or a vehicle or is involved in a company
  • Review a person’s financial situation through access to taxable income, payment defaults and debts
  • Understand family relationships and financial dependencies through access to information about an individual’s family situation (only for the public sector)
Ensure that you are following current regulations

Ensure that you are following current regulations

Stay up to date on how you are permitted to handle personal data

  • Secure your regulatory compliance through the assurance that the data we supply always follows the specific standards applicable to your sector
  • Ensure that your customer and supplier directories will comply with future updates in legislation 
  • Optimize your updates to ensure your directories comply with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All of Bisnode’s data is obtained from official sources. This ensures that all of our data is reliable and of high quality. Because it is continuously updated, it is also always fresh, giving you reliable and secure decision support.   

The need to quickly check and verify personal data is becoming increasingly important. Every day, people change their marital status, place of residence and business engagements. With Bisnode’s integrated solutions, you can be sure that you always have accurate and up-to-date information directly in your database. 


Bisnode helps you:

  • Delete duplicates
  • Update old addresses
  • Complete your missing records
  • Keep track of vehicle and property ownership and financial information

If you often perform the same checks on consumers — their solvency for example — custom report templates can streamline your work.


Joint reports for the entire company are a good way to internally standardize the work of reviewing and verifying information on individuals. Through custom logins, your organization can delegate decision-making internally and avoid duplicate work and bottlenecks.

We have certified integration with the major CRM systems, such as Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which simplifies the process for our customers. Choose the delivery method that works best for you and your company:

  • Website
  • Mobile app for iPhone or Android
  • Automatic directory updates
  • Integrated updates of internal systems
  • CSV file


The need for personal data varies depending on what type of organization you represent and in what role you will use the information.


For public sector employees looking up persons in Sweden, Bisnode can offer access to additional information, such as family relationships and situation. This includes information on children, parents, current and previous registered partners or spouses, and the social security numbers, ages and registered addresses of these people.