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Everything we touch turns into data which is why we need one single source of truth.

Everything we touch turns into data which is why we need one single source of truth.

These days you can collect a lot of information about your intended audience from just about any source. You are able to leverage data in completely new ways across your enterprise, from finance, marketing, technology and sales. You're looking to use data and technology at scale and to engage with customers, vendors and partners to gain competitive advantage and maximize the return on relations. The volume of data is sometimes overwhelming, it can be creating a fabulous amount of insights but at the same time a lot of chaos. Creating structure and having one single source of truth across all data silos is key. 

What is D&B Direct

What is D&B Direct

Stream Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics directly into your enterprise applications. Our performant D&B Direct API helps companies who want to ensure the golden data record in their databases by getting real-time access to D&Bs leading pre-mastered business universe in order to increase the quality of decision making across the entire enterprise.

With D&B Direct you can

With D&B Direct you can

  • Standardize Your Data Structure

Leverage the right unifying data structure to unlock the potential of your data

Achieve global consistency. From a universal standard for business identification to discovering the value of interconnected relationships to supporting industry classifications and standard geographies.

  • Connect Data Across Your Ecosystem

Standardize your internal data and allow it to connect into the technology platform you choose, and seamlessly integrate with other data sources. Maintain a single source of truth on customers, prospects and suppliers across CRM, MDM, ERP and AP platforms.

  • Deepen Your Knowledge of Business Entities

Getting a clear picture of the entities you do business with is critical for business success

If you want to grow your most valuable relationships, you require a trusted view of them — one that offers both the global breadth of harmonized data from more than 190 countries, and the local depth of D&B’s pre-mastered commercial content.

Global Identity Resolution (Match):

Address standardization and record match against the D-U-N-S®  classification system (Transactional, Multi-Request, Batch Match)

Company Search:

Best match against primary name, trade style name, DUNS, registration number, telephone number, , industry code, revenue, location & radius and 20 optional filters with 20 optional filters.

Type-Ahead Search:

Best match against primary or trade style name using 2 or more letters

Company Profile, Executives with Linkage:

Firmographics, Financials, Senior and Current Principals, and Corporate linkage data

Daily Updates:
Changes published via JSON files or into customer message queue

High Volume: 
Updates available on the full Dun & Bradstreet Universe of >270M+ records

Monitoring Registration Options:

D&B managed

Self Registration API

Self Managed Universes

Get started with an API

D&B Direct is Dun & Bradstreet’s modern, cloud-based API offering

This service exposes the world’s largest source of commercial businesses to you in a programmable form to suit your organisation’s unique needs. This enables you to integrate Dun & Bradstreet’s global insight in real time into key systems and workflows.
More technical information can be found on https://directplus.documentation.dnb.com/