D&B Direct for Compliance | API

Secure your global compliance procedures with real-time API

Remain compliant in an era of complicated and diverse regulations
  • Risk intelligence on 330 million businesses
  • Data from more than 220 countries
  • Intuitive APIs and documentation
  • Over 100 million Beneficial Ownership data connections
  • Integrates via SaaS, Daas or Batch
  • Five million updates daily

Be updated in real time for full compliance

Complicated and diverse regulations govern how and with whom you do business. By selecting the right customers and being aware of the potential liabilities you can achieve adequate due diligence. With D&B Direct for Compliance you will get a solution that covers all of the aspects all of the time.

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Effective and compliant onboarding for
all your global contacts


Safe and automated onboarding with compliance data

The APIs provide a seamless real-time link to compliance data, streamed directly into your own systems and environment. You have full control of the data, the processing, and the rules whilst maintaining your own look and feel. Customize all aspects to your needs to achieve, integrated, real-time onboarding, robust compliance with relevant legislation, and continuous perpetual KYC monitoring.

This is how we enable seamless Due Diligence:

Identify the specific customer that is being enquired about
Verify a set of data against that business based on your risk-based approach
Establish ownership of business and determine ultimate beneficial owners
Screen entities against sanctions lists, PEPs and adverse media
Assess risks based on data attibutes
Monitor for changes to ensure continued compliance
Demonstrate adherence to policy for each case 
Integrate easily with modern API:s using SaaS, DaaS or Batch
Provides one single source of data 

Why choose D&B Direct for Compliance?

Modern and fast APIs with global data + accountability tracking
Ensures compliant and fast decision making in real time
Gives access to 60 risk codes and ultimate beneficial ownership data
Fully customizable - you control the data, processing and rules

This is what you get:

  • Sanctions List screening
  • Government watch list screening
  • Over 500 watch lists monitored & updated
  • 60 risk codes
  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership data
  • Real time verification
  • Archiving routines ensure decision & accountability tracking
  • Real time critical alerts
  • Five million updates every day
  • Control over the data, processing and rules
  • Systems that keep their own look and feel
  • Fully customizable

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