Bisnode Risk Guardian Suite | Risk Decisioning

Don't avoid Credit Risk, optimize it!

Instant automated Risk Assessment to grow sales performance
  • Instant automated credit decisions based on data
  • Enables consistency in decision-making and risk management
  • Includes AML, PEP & Sanctions screening for full control
  • Archiving to let you review and change automated decisions
  • Merge with your own systems via standard API
  • Also available as a user friendly web application

Optimize your sales with credit automation

Bisnode Risk Decisioning automates credit decisions so they can be accessed by your sales staff or even in your e-commerce shopping cart. No need for each credit application to be scrutinized by you or your Credit Risk Manager. Offering payment plans closer to the point of sales, without making sacrifices to your credit risk levels, letting you onboard customers who otherwise would have been lost.

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What is Bisnode Risk Decisioning?

Bisnode Risk Decisioning automates your credit request processes so you can increase credit sales volumes without making sacrifices to your desired risk levels. All without the need for extra staff to handle credit applications.

Pre-configured rule sets and lightning-fast responses also let you push out credit decisioning to individual salespeople, or directly to your e-commerce shopping cart.

Bisnode Risk Decisioning for B2C or B2B is a powerful tool for optimizing your credit application processes.

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How does Bisnode Risk Decisioning work?

Bisnode Risk Decisioning uses pre-configured rule sets matched to your desired credit risk levels. Working with you, Bisnode makes a thorough credit risk and opportunities analysis, resulting in recommendations for initial configuration.
Once set up, Bisnode Risk Decisioning instantly checks applicants' financial/credit history against a 36 month review-window of financial status, payment history, payment remarks, AAA Credit Rating, AML Compliance history and legal remarks.
The result is an instant "Approve" or "Decline" answer to your customers credit application. All based on the set of rules you have pre-configured.
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Don't avoid Credit Risk, optimize it!

Does your company see credit risk as a negative to be avoided? Does your organization rely on a few individuals to make centralized credit decisions? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes” then you could be losing business.

Bisnode Risk Decisioning optimizes and automates your credit process to reduce handling times by up to 90%. Without sacrifices to your risk levels.

Decisions based on solid pre-defined parameters and automation streamlines your credit decisioning and makes it consistent. With reduced handling times you can say "Yes" to more customers.

Why choose Bisnode Risk Decisioning?

Increased sales and
happy customers through instant automated credit decision-making
Powerful tool for rapidly checking credit worthiness of companies as well as private individuals
Credit decisions based  on data enables consistency, accuracy and more sales
Flexible rule sets  enable risk levels, cut off- and credit limits per product to optimize sales

Product Summary

  • Instant automated credit assessment and decisions
  • User-friendly configuration of desired credit- & risk levels
  • Use of multiple rule sets to match different customers or margins
  • Archiving function lets you go back and review decisions
  • Review- and edit credit decisions at a customer level
  • Automated screening for AML, PEP & Sanctions variables
  • Based on Bisnodes trusted AAA Credit Scoring (B2B)
  • 36 month review of customers financial history
  • Customers invoice payment history (late or on time)
  • Available through standard API and Web App

Increased sales with retained risk for Hi3G


Thanks to a credit risk process based on unique data and a scoring model developed exclusively for Hi3G, the telecommunications company has the potential to increase its revenues substantially without any increase in risk.


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Bisnode Risk Guardian Suite – the full protection

A solution with services that can give full protection for your whole business. Check them out separately or contact our sales people and they will guide you to the right solution for your needs. 
Credit Reports
For all businesses of all sizes. Get the full picture or just pick the one relevant for your purpose. Add-ons eg monitor and portfolio.
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AML Compliance
Check your business partners for due diligence automatically – including suspicious money transfers, PEP and sanction lists.
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Risk Decisioning (API)
Connect to our moden API and receive the full-service solution for credit automation.


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Curious to know more?

We are experts in data and analytics and would love to help you in your quest for #nomorebaddecisions based on good data. Just fill in your details and we'll contact you soon!

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