Bisnode Programmatic Display Advertising

Show the right ads to the right people

Optimize your data spend by optimizing ad results with Programmatic Advertising
  • Precise segmentation
  • Real data - not derived from anonymous devices
  • Prospecting via advanced analytics
  • Household level user segements for improved targeting
  • Efficient target groups for omnichannel marketing
  • Your Data + Bisnode Data + Partner Data

Start using real data to target real people!

We don’t use anonymous user data, anonymous cookies or derived online behavior data because they only approximate target audiences. Instead, we pinpoint precise and real target audiences and their behaviour by combining Your Real Customer Data with Bisnode Data and Partner Data.

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Improved ROI from more relevant audiences 


Omit all irrelevant and anonymous data

You want to talk to the right target audiences in a more personalised way? Then you need to omit all data derived from anonymous sources and instead use real data about real people. These precise, efficient target audiences are created by combining your data with Bisnode data and partner data. The result? Greater ROI when more relevant audiences become available to you on Facebook and Instagram.

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Engaging communication improves conversion

People won’t pay attention to your ads unless you really get to know them and adapt your messages on a more personal and engaging level. Make them realise the benefits of your products to their specific needs. This will pay off not only in higher conversion but also in much better brand experience and consequently higher ROI.

Why choose Programmatic Display Advertising?

The unique combination of your data, Bisnode data and partner data allows you to create very precise segments
Real-time big data analytics produces highly relevant and efficient target audiences for your ads
Using advanced targeting your ads will only be shown to relevant consumer groups
Pinpointing audiences and personalising your communication will increase conversion

This is Bisnode Programmatic

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  • Direct access to audiences
  • Bisnode or self-managed campaigns
  • Web-based selection and campaign management
  • Automatic reporting
  • Multiple KPI's available
  • Double-touch campaigns for increased conversion
  • Measure effectiveness per individual/household
  • Frequency cap per user across channels
  • No technical skills needed
  • More in-depth analysis available
  • Cloud based service
  • User friendly interface
  • Optimization for conversions rather than clicks
  • Omnichannel audience reach
  • Measure campaign effectiveness across channels

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