Bisnode Business Contacts

How many of your leads will actually close the deal?

Access 40 million contacts in 21 European countries to identify which ones they are!
  • Corporate data monitored and always updated
  • Single company ID unifies data across systems
  • Direct delivery via API integration
  • More than 35 million companies and 41 million worksites
  • GDPR compliant business data
  • All basic financial information including decisionmakers
"Suddenly we got data-verified leads that both sales and marketing could work with."

"Suddenly we got data-verified leads that both sales and marketing could work with."

Ulrika Linné Åqvist CMO Esri

We take the guesswork out of customer relations

With Bisnode Business Contacts you will get access to real-time data about any European B2B company. Combine it with your own data and you will have accurate, clean and duplicate-free data at all times. No more guesswork, only higher engagement and faster sales.

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Stop chasing cold leads

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The problem with inaccurate data

Every year: 29% of businesses change address, 25% of companies change name and 40% of contact people change title. With the business sector in constant change, the result is a customer database with massive inaccuracies. This causes low conversion rates, as time & money is spent on chasing leads that are never going to buy, and bad decisions based on bad data. The way forward here is direct access to the most up-to-date, correct and relevant company data in Europe. 


Give sales & marketing a chance to see who your clients really are

Having swift access to high quality data on companies & decision makers will not only result in zero human errors, but will also enable you to analyze your client base more accurately, understanding what your most profitable customers have in common and get real valuable insights.  As a result you can create pin-sharp audiences for sales & marketing and make them available to all channels.
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Tired of data silos and inefficiency

Instead of wasting time and resources on managing numerous different data sources from all over Europe we will enable you to have just 1 – meaning 1 pricing, 1 contact, 1 data delivery, output & structure and duplicate-free. With all customer records cleaned and enhanced, sales & marketing will get a chance to see who their clients really are and spend their working hours at what they’re best at – sales! 

Why choose Bisnode Business Contacts?

Maximise your marketing returns with correct customer data
Direct access to quality data enables efficient sales processes
Our data is compliant - so you will be when you use it
Modern API with best coverage of European Corporate data

This is what you get:

  • European Corporate data covering 21 countries
  • Monitored and updated
  • Real-time verification
  • Coverage for 21 European countries*
  • Updated overview on customers and prospects
  • Common structure coordinating marketing and sales efforts
  • Identified and verified data without human error
  • Smooth customer onboarding on- and offline
  • Data on worksites, employees, decisionmakers and more
  • Predictive analysis variables for revenue, growth, risk and employment
  • Accurate, clean and duplicate-free data
  • Single company ID
  • GDPR compliant data
  • Direct delivery via API integration
  • All basic financial data
  • Lead identification pushed into your CRM-system
  • Enriched company data

See our customer case – Esri Sweden

Dramatic increase in new customers when they narrowed the prospect list

When tech company Esri Sweden realized that the sales meetings were not resulting in enough new business, the company decided it was time for a transformation. It put gut feeling aside and decided to start trusting the data of its sales and marketing processes. 

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