Account Based Marketing

Grab the best potential with focused marketing and sales

Account Based Marketing will grow your business 
  • Pinpoint your accounts with the highest growth potential
  • Targeted Account Based Advertising based on customer behaviour
  • Updated online behaviour-data for accounts and organisations
  • Pin-sharp communication derived from new insights
  • Optimize your marketing ROI & ad spend
  • Build long-lasting customer relationships

Stop wasting money

Target your B2B advertising only on customers and prospects that already are in the market and ready to talk to you. With Bisnode’s Account Based Marketing suite, you’ll reduce your advertising waste and increase marketing ROI. 

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 Enhance your relationships and drive growth



Sustainable, profitable growth by building strong and long-lasting relationships with your clients

Account based marketing is a mindset and a method focused on the customer’s decision-making process. Start by analysing your customer data in order to pinpoint which clients should be targeted, then influence them with relevant and personalised messages in the right advertising channels. Analyse and adapt accordingly. 

Why choose Account Based Marketing?

Identify your most profitable customers, analyze their behaviour and needs
Get updated insights of where potential customers are in their buyer’s journey and track their online behaviour
Enables relevant actions  based on data and continuous adaptation of your tactics 

Ensures your brand is top-of-mind

This is what you get:

  • Account Based Marketing expertise
  • Targeted digital display ads for selected accounts
  • Visibility on large media sites for targeted accounts
  • KPI’s based on your marketing and sales objectives
  • Analysis of your customers’ online behaviour
  • Analysis of prospective customers' online behaviour
  • Professional management of your advertising campaigns
  • Access to our webtool VICS for real-time results and continuous analysis
  • Adapted dashboard

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