Bisnode and D&B

A Partnership of Business-Information heavyweights

For over ten years, Bisnode has been a Partner of D&B in D&B’s worldwide network. Fronted by D&B, the world’s longest established business information company, the worldwide network is an unrivalled alliance of leading business-information providers across the globe. It is this network to which our customers have access – including worldwide international business information, powered by D&B's proprietary DUNSRight™ quality process, while benefiting from local expertise and knowledge.

The network can provide customers with data on 240 countries and more than 210 million companies. Updated a million times a day, the data international is in-depth, dependable and up-to-date, giving our customers a vital support tool for making bold but safe decisions.

Under the auspices of the worldwide network, Bisnode can provide our customers with international information on anything from risk management solutions, governance and compliance, supplier management solutions and targeted marketing to CRM performance, sales intelligence and data Integration.


Please contact us if you have questions about how our D&B solutions can help you make smarter decisions.



Strategic Partnership Team Bisnode D&B
Strategic Partnership Team Bisnode D&B

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