A world of information

Decision-makers suffer from too much of a good thing

Enormous amounts of data are created by private individuals, organisations and companies every single day. In fact, ninety per cent of the world’s data has been generated in just the last two years.

You might think that all this information would make it easier for people to make decisions. But all the signs indicate that the opposite is true. This is because finding exactly what you’re looking for is difficult. And it’s even harder to know if what you eventually find is really accurate.    

This is where Bisnode steps in. Because where some people only see challenges and limitations, we see unlimited potential to help our clients take the next step in their decision-making. They have so much to gain from working with us and using the decision support we provide, as opposed to all too frequently unreliable mass information.

At Bisnode, we use the highest quality data. We also possess the necessary expertise to combine it with our clients’ data to produce information which would be impossible to find otherwise. Our analytical ability allows us to identify new trends, patterns and consumer behaviours at a very early stage. We’re able to provide completely reliable facts, answers and insights. 

Simply put, we can ensure that people get the specific decision support they need to be successful. And we can make sure that the data is integrated into the day-to-day work flow; that it’s presented at the right moment, in the right device, in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. 

Overload of information


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