D&B Global Decision Maker

Win more customers through automated credit decisions

Bisnode help you get more customers with automised credit decisions. Time is money – and nowhere is this more true than when deciding with whom to do business. Our systems can help you quickly and easily take the credit-pulse on your existing customers. And, in addition, you will be able to increase and identify more, credit worthy customers than you can today. And as this process becomes simpler and more streamlined, your throughput rate of approved applications will increase. It also creates opportunities to delegate credit granting activities throughout your organisation, further increasing capacity.

D&B Global Decision Maker

D&B’s Global Decision Maker platform enables you to improve the consistency of and automate your credit decision making process. By setting pre-fixed rules against your own credit policy you can ensure that everyone is working to the same decision and rules.

Global Decision Maker can help you deliver accurate decisions in seconds, enabling you to minimize risks and capture more profitable opportunities while reducing costs. Use Global Decision Maker to manage your risk policy and deliver real-time decisions based on your experience and policies in conjunction with D&B's expertise in delivering trusted business information for over 170 years.

Global Decision Maker is ideal for:

  • Credit decisions on customers seeking trade credit and loans,
  • Risk evaluation for insurance and leasing,
  • Integrating credit decisioning into your e-commerce platform.

Global Decision Maker is hosted and managed by D&B, requires no IT resources and little technical implementation time unless you are integrating directly into your systems. By using Global Decision Maker, you can benefit from the following: 

  • Improved cash flow by shortening the order-to-approval cycle,
  • Reduced overall exposure by avoiding high risk accounts,
  • Reduced operating expenses by automating decisions,
  • Enhanced corporate governance with consistent, company wide-risk policies,
  • Improved sales conversions with faster credit approvals.

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