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Bonitete is a collection of on-line business information, indispensable in making day-to-day business decisions. Bonitete’s most extensive database allows you in-depth and one-spot access to the operations of over 6 mio German, 4.1 mio Italian, 820k Polish, 750k Serbian, 570 k Austrian, 580K Croatian, 340k Slovenian, 270k Bosnian and 60k legal entities from Montenegro,, including a long ranging historical view. We have recently also added information about Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro into our offer.

The features available includefor example:

• Managers: leading figures along with a survey of information from the business press and official publications. Available for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

• Business press: articles from business newspapers about the company and people in leadership positions. Available for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia

• Trials: announced trials, date of hearing, monetary amounts involved and archives. Available for Slovenia and Serbia.

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