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Reduced costs. Increased profit. The benefits of a quality database.

Not rightfully targeted consumers will cost you money. A lot. And it’s also bad for your company image. That’s why you should give it your highest priority.

Every message you send out should be a hit. To do so, you need information about your consumers across all possible channels. Up-to-date, clean and relevant data. You need more than just a tool to achieve this. What you want is a solution that gives you the right answers, based on an assembly of reputated softwares, accurate referential files and proprietary deduplication technology. A solution that can be adapted to a growing number of communication channels and an ever changing media mix. Want to know how you can improve the quality of your European Database in order to reduce your costs and increase your profit? Talk to us. Because everything starts with having the right data.

Your advantages:

  • Decreased customer attrition
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved effectiveness of your direct marketing
  • Reinforced company image

Our expertise:

  • Online quality solution for your consumer databases
  • Best in class postal address clean-up and standardization services (removal of duplicates, standardization of names, surnames and telephone numbers)
  • Identification of Gone Aways and Movers and delivery of new addresses
  • One Stop Shopping across Europe (only one partner for the cleaning of your full European Database)
  • Free audit via user friendly Interface
  • Expert in country privacy legislations

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