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Is your data quality up to scratch?

How good is your business-to-business data quality? Because if yours is a typical business, data will be held in multiple systems, each supplied by multiple sources, with differing priorities resulting in differing levels of completeness, duplication and serious inconsistencies. We can aid you in the process of bringing order to the chaos!

Our data is the global standard for business-to-business data

Research suggests that more than 25 per cent of named business information is incorrect within a year (Marketing Sherpa), 67 per cent of B2B mail contains one or more errors (DMIS research), and 42 per cent of CRM failures are due to poor data quality (Director Magazine). So how can we improve your data quality?

Benchmark your data quality against the global standard

We’ll begin with a data audit to check your business-to-business data. We’ll take a sample (or samples from each of your systems), analyse the data quality, and match it against D&B data to judge its age and accuracy. We’ll then work with you to decide how best to proceed. Where do your data quality issues originate? What’s their impact on your business? What are the potential gains from improving data quality, and where’s the best place to start?

To get your data up to scratch, you can use our data cleansing and enhancement services to systematically address your data quality issues. We can de-duplicate your data, consolidate your records, match them against our global reference data and append additional fields such as risk or linkage data. The results: consistent, reliable data quality, enabling much deeper analysis and better-informed decision-making about your customers and prospects.

Once we’ve given your data quality a clean bill of health, we can work with you to implement a data-management strategy to keep it that way. Or better still we could integrate your business-to-business data with our data-integration toolkit offering.

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