D&B's Know Your Customer Report

Online anti-money laundering solution

D&B's online anti-money laundering solution provides quick and easy access to the necessary information, presented in a standardised format.

You can quickly ensure your compliance with the latest money laundering regulations by pulling out a Know Your Customer (KYC) Report online whenever the regulations require you to check the background of your customers.

The report contains D&B's own systematically updated and collected company information as well as data from financial supervisory authorities, publicly listed companies, stock exchanges, and a range of sanction lists produced by the CIA and other investigative bodies the world over. The KYC report is currently available for companies in about 100 countries but our aim is to increase the number of countries continuously.

KYC primarily contains:

  • Identification
  • Description of Control Structure (corporate hierarchy)
  • Information on Ownership and Management/Board Members
  • Checks against Terrorism, Sanctions, and PEP Lists
  • Stock Information
  • Accounting Information
  • Particulars (for example sectors)

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