Fraud prevention

Avoid credit losses caused by fraud

Bisnode helps you avoid credit losses caused by fraud. Find the fraudsters before they manage to strike!

Fraud is commonly a serial crime, which means that by applying expertise and using analysis tools, patterns around criminal methods can be identified. Investigations are a time-consuming process that may not yield results. Information is often outdated or incomplete and access to global business information is often limited yet critical to counteract terrorism or trace corporate fraud.

D&B can offer a service aimed at helping you avoid credit losses caused by fraud. In addition, we can help minimise the damage for companies who have already been affected.

We can help solve investigations faster with access to worldwide intelligence. D&B’s global database of over 210 million businesses provides the information, intelligence and/or insight needed to solve investigations more quickly. D&B can help minimise the threat to national security and reduce fraud by using our DUNSRight™ process we can confirm the existence of an entity, identify all associated organisations with our corporate linkage and associated risk of a business, allowing you to prioritise inspections of companies considered a threat to border security.

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Strategic Partnership Team Bisnode D&B

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