D&B Credit Reports (DBAI)

Which of your customers will pay you late?

DBAI is a report delivery platform that provides instant, online access to D&B’s global business information and insight and delivers fast, online access to D&B’s comprehensive global database of more than 210 million organisations.

DBAI customers gain access to an unrivalled range of resources, enabling them to easily understand which of their customers will pay them late:

  • Business Information Reports – accurately determine an organisation’s risk profile. Use D&B’s comprehensive trade payments data to easily understand if customers are paying their invoices to terms, D&B predictive indicators to determine if they are likely to pay on time going forward and see how their payment patterns compare to industry peers,

DBAI provides the ability to monitor domestic or international organisations for key status changes that may affect their payment risk profile (note the countries available for monitoring via DBAI is increasing all the time – please contact D&B for the latest availability). This information can be delivered to customers via email so they have the confidence that when a critical change occurs, they will know about it straightaway without having to login to the platform.

DBAI also provides portfolio management capability via the e-Portfolio view so D&B users can easily understand trends and changes in payment behaviour for organisations saved in their portfolio.

If you are trading overseas D&B can provide Country Risk Reports enabling you to easily evaluate payment information and the risk associated with a country’s overall political, economic and commercial performance.

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