D&B Connect

Fast and reliable decision making processes in SAP

D&B Connect is a process management platform integrated into SAP. It takes away the time consuming and potential errors of manual data entry from various departments. Finding, identifying, evaluating and monitoring business partners - these are challenges faced by all businesses every day. To help you overcome these challenges, D&B Connect offers you complete and up-to-date information on more than 225 million companies in 240 countries.

By integrating D&B’s leading data into your existing workflows, it provides a customised solution to make informed decisions for all business processes across credit risk management, procurement, sales, marketing and data management.

By integrating D&B Connect into your SAP system, you can quickly and easily evaluate this information in the ERP environment you are familiar with and set up individual workflows to optimise your processes - whether you are evaluating a business partner for the first time or continuously monitoring them.

Working intuitively and efficiently

D&B Connect is easy to understand and clearly laid out, allowing you to quickly and intuitively find all of the information about your business partners in the SAP environment you are familiar with.

D&B Connect Benefits:

  • Quickly identify and create new business partners.
  • Access information on companies worldwide, instantly.
  • Reduce risks and bad debts.
  • Optimise payment terms and your collection processes.
  • Enhance your Master Data Management program.
  • Optimise and automate business processes.
  • Help comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations.


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