Data Delivery Services

When you want true results from your marketing campaign

Bisnode can provide you with up-to-date business information and help you build targeted prospect lists for sales and marketing campaigns that truly deliver results.

With a broad range of Data Delivery services, we can help you grow your business across Europe. We have selected the best data providers in each market to be able to bring you the most comprehensive and accurate B2B information database.

Targeted B2B Contact Lists

We can provide you with highly targeted and accurate prospect data on companies and decision-makers in Europe, based on your specific selection criteria.

Enhance / Update

Append information to your existing contacts, update the companies that have moved or are no longer active, and whose decision-makers have changed. We help you make sure your information is up-to-date, complete, and duplicate-free.

Customer Profile

Profile your best clients and find more of the same.

Customer Exclude

Exclude existing contacts from the prospect file to make sure you only get new and fresh data that is brimming with potential customers.


Where is all your data? In one carefully-controlled place or spread across several systems, kept in smartphones, or even your sales team’s heads? By merging and purging your data we can combine your scattered information into one complete database.

Campaign File Status

A health check on your campaign file to make sure the information is accurate, to, i.e. eliminate the risk of targeting companies that have moved or those that are no longer active.

Campaign Response

Profile your response and understand the success factors for future campaigns.


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