D&B Data Manager

Your Data Management process in the Cloud

The whole Master Data Management process within one online platform with five modules providing access to D&B Expertise and combining it with your experience to achieve the accurate and ideal view of your business partners.

Module 1: Entity Matching

D&B Entity Matching Module brings together disparate pieces of data, finds what’s related, and makes the connections for you. D&B Data Manager provides you with the opportunity to cleanse your data, match your data and use the D&B matching intelligence combined with your own experience to identify the correct business and assign D&B’s unique DUNS® Number identifier. 

Module 2: Data Enhancement

Use D&B’s expertise and thousands of verified sources to enhance your customer and supplier portfolio with D&B’s quality information, leaving you time to focus on your core business. D&B Data Manager provides the capability to choose the D&B information you want to add to any of your business partners. It enables you to view your data side by side with D&B’s data to create the ideal view of your business partner. 

Module 3: Data Maintenance

By applying D&B’s DUNS Number as a unique identifier, you have the power to update your customer and supplier portfolio quickly and easily. D&B Data Manager allows you to update your data at a frequency of your choice. Analysis of the changes provides you with an efficient way to understand the changes that have occurred to your business partners. 

Module 4: Value Creation

By applying analysis to D&B’s quality information, you can begin to add value to your existing business information. Through analysis and reporting, D&B Data Manager enables you to understand your current data quality and helps to identify untapped opportunities across your business partners. You can understand the common characteristics that exist between your business partners and receive insight into existing relationships through D&B’s Corporate Linkages. 

Module 5: My Projects

D&B Data Manager helps you to organise your project and associated data files. Providing you with one place where you can see exactly what stage in the process your file is. 

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