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Beautiful things can happen when you really know your consumer

If you want better consumer relations, you need to get to know your consumers. Because Database Management has now evolved to Consumer Management.

It’s about helping you selling your products to your consumers. But those consumers interact with your brand in various ways and through many different channels. So you need a consistent, multichannel and up-to-date consumer view. Bisnode is your partner for data capture and data integration processes for both online and offline data:

Interact Datahub Platform

Interact Datahub is a centralized Marketing Data Management Platform embedding Bisnode’s marketing services into the management of customer relations and cross channel campaigns. It has two components:

  • A central storage place for connected data

A modular layer for various applications:

  • Tools to target communication through different channels (multi-channel integration)
  • Tools to analyze data, create dashboards and measure performance
  • A digital controller to communicate through different media (email, social media, mobile…)

Your advantages:

  • On time and personalized communication
  • Management of big marketing data
  • Enhanced consumer experience
  • Improved decision making
  • Creation of consumer insights
  • Marketing by learning

Our expertise:

  • Providing true multichannel integration
  • Offering state-of-the art segmentations
  • Hosting processing, management, organization and updates of consumer marketing platforms
  • Identifying and collecting lifestyle, life stage, web behaviour, transactional, channel preference, scores, contact and social data

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