CRM integration

CRM integration for SAP

With a seamless connection to 26 million businesses and 22 million decision-makers across Europe, there is no need to waste hours of valuable time searching for information.

This solution, provided by ISO Marble Content, enables you to get one-click-access to key business information right from within your ERP system. Easily find new potential customers and leads, and keep your existing contacts updated with the correct information.

Enhance Business Information

With the Marble Content connection to our database, you can easily update company records, and append information such as adress and phone, decsion-makers, industry code, legal form, turnover, and much more, with a simple click straight from your SAP ERP.

Push Service

When a record is changed in the database, the updated information can be either automatically or manually pushed to your SAP System, ensuring that your master data is complete and up-to-date whenever you need it. 


  • Instant access to accurate, complete, and duplicate-free data, such as addresses, phone numbers, decision-makers,  turnover, industry code - and much more.
  • Append information to your existing contacts
  • Simple to integrate, easy to use



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