CRM integration

Action-ready customer data through reliable CRM integrations

Get instant access to information about your business contacts in Europe with our reliable and convenient CRM integrations. We have solutions for the leading CRM systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SuperOffice, Salesforce and Lundalogik.

Keep up-to-date with your connections

Having quick access to the latest information about your business contacts is essential to maximising a company's ROI. Yet studies show that close to 40 percent of the records in the average company's own database contain records that are incorrect. Decisions based on that faulty information could potentially have critical consequences. With our integration solutions you can count on information that is complete, accurate, and duplicate-free.

A direct link to a continent of buyers

With our integration you get a seamless connection to 26 million businesses, and 22 million decision-makers throughout Europe - right from within your CRM system. It enables you to get up-to-the-minute information, update and improve your own records, plan multi-country marketing campaigns and even find ‘twins’ of your best customers in a matter of seconds.

Benefit more from your CRM investment

Find and connect with new potential customers quicker and easier. Through our easily manageable and convenient integration you get complete, accurate, and duplicate-free records.

  • Instant access to customer records all in one place
  • Up-to-the-minute, high quality information, whenever you need it
  • Accurate, clean, duplicate-free, and complete data
  • Boost the sales teams usage of your CRM system 
  • Connect with the right targets

Our certified systems

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