Get more leads in your sales pipeline

You’ve made the call, hosted an event, run a campaign or sent out a direct mailing. Then what? Meet Rubberband - your discreet companion that won't let your prospects forget about you.

So many companies invest a great deal of money and resources to get their first contact with a prospective client. From telemarketing to exhibitions, SEO to Adwords, email to seminars; they all result in your potential client visiting your website to find out more about you because they are interested.

Then they leave. What happens then? You have no idea if the timing is right for them to make a decision. From now on all your effort and investment depends on how well your company and products are remembered.

Don’t be Forgotten – Remind the Prospect

This is where Rubberband steps in to help you: once they have left your site we will start to remind them about you. As they surf our network of over 1 million websites they start to see your company, and as they see it more their interest and your company grows in their mind.

We reinforce the interest they showed by visiting your website

Speeding Up the Sales Process

As the prospective client sees your company more and more, your product becomes a priority and your company the natural choice.

Those ‘call us in 3 months’ response will become a thing of the past.

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Anna Engman

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