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Want more consumer engagement? Enable brand interaction and dialogue

Brand interaction and dialogue are the number one assets in reaching higher consumer engagement. Whatever the channel.

Bisnode can help you with a consumer centric and data driven solution to fully support your 360° communication and campaigns. It will assure you the maximum automation of ongoing campaigns, the re-activation of campaign flows for reasons of scalability and speed, and a smooth integration of online and off line channels. You will be able to streamline the results to efficiently define your target groups and learn from your campaigns to keep improving them. This closed-loop approach also makes you save on your budget by cutting down on the waste of mass-mailings. Every detail is covered, so you can keep focused on the creativity of your campaign.

Your advantages:

  • Increased cross and upselling
  • Efficient, automated and event triggered campaigns
  • Improved acquisition and retention
  • Increased ROI
  • Closed-loop tracking
  • Marketing as a service
  • Re-activation of campaigns
  • Digital modules: web analytics, data capture, behaviour types, customization, campaign analysis, social value and cross channel.

Our expertise:

  • Turning big volume data into an intelligent consumer approach
  • Collecting complete information from all channels, including digital
  • Providing truly relevant data
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