Reach every decision maker

Influencing potential customers from first meeting to closing the deal is a complex process. And expensive. With Cockpit you you show your message to all decision makers within one company. All it takes is a click of a button.

In most situations involving a large order, your sales team will never get to meet or even know, all the people involved in the decision. Research in the US shows that an order over $20,000 has an average of 21 people who influence the decision. Many of these influencers will have their own ideas and perceptions, but you will never get the chance to meet them to change their mind. So how are you going to influence them?

The Challenges

The sales process might have lost momentum or it might be in danger of going to the well known competitor.  Perhaps you are in a tender process, or have difficulties  during an equipment trial. The challenge could even be before you make the first call. It might be all of those. It doesn’t matter. With Cockpit you focus on the company and get their attention with the right message.

Take Control of Your Advertising

We allow you to target a single company with exactly the message you want in our network of more than 1 million web sites. You choose when you want it to be seen.
You can have as many messages as you like, to as many different companies as you wish. You can even decide how much you want to spend on each company. For instance one company’s business might be worth ten times more than another’s, so it makes sense to invest more on getting that Mega Deal. The answer is Cockpit.


Our reach extends way beyond geographical boundaries - this is the internet after all. We have premium sites not just in the Nordics, but the UK, Germany and the US. So, if your company is planning on expanding into new territories or simply need to stand out from the competition in international markets, the Cockpit will give your company a strong and credible presence.

Cockpit allows you to choose which companies to target with your banners. You search for the company and then drag and drop them into your Cockpit. When you turn them on, all individuals from one company will be exposed to your banners.

Think of the Cockpit as your ‘turbo’. Wherever the sales activity is, the Cockpit will accelerate the process.

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