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Display your credit-worthiness

Everybody prefers to do business with a credit-worthy company. Is your company credit-worthy? Congratulations. But how are your potential customers supposed to know this? Use Bisnode’s credit-rating products to display your credit-worthiness.

We are well-known for providing up-to-date and reliable information on companies all over Europe. In Sweden, Bisnode controls the world’s first credit-evaluation system for companies, launched in 1989.

Throughout the years, thousands of Swedish companies have profited from displaying their credit-rating on for instance their website, their company cars, business cards or as a diploma at their office.

Now available to Europe

Our credit-rating products are now available to the rest of our European markets. The credit-rating products that are available in the different countries vary. Visit your country’s Bisnode website to see in what different ways you can use our products to display your credit-worthiness.

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