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Keep track of your customers’ payment behaviour and trends

Changes in payment performance constitutes one of the earliest signals of possible financial difficulty and represents one of the most predictive elements of the likelihood of failure before the filing of official documentation such as a balance sheet.

Payment performance trends represent an exclusive insight into the trading performance of a business.  D&B collects millions of trade payment experiences on a monthly basis from companies operating in a broad variety of commercial sectors in order to analyse the payment performance of companies. The results of this analysis are represented by the D&B Payment Score which reflects how the subject company pays its bills.

Where available payment data is shown within the D&B Business Information Reports, from the essential days beyond terms figure in our D&B Compact Reports to industry payment comparisons in our D&B Comprehensive Reports.

Join D&B’s Trade Payment Programme

Join our Trade Payment programme and join the 4000 business already providing their Accounts Receivable data across Europe.  We have no set file format to supply your data in to make it as easy as possible to join, and your data is shared anonymously and confidentially.

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