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Improve your customer insight

We all take pride in our knowledge of our customers and ensuring we fully understand their needs, but what about the impact your customers are having on you and your business? Do you know, for example, which customers and market segments are generating the most income and/or profits, and where you need to focus your resources to generate the maximum return?

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees, which is where the unique power of Market Insight can add value by giving you a powerful and easy-to-use web-based tool through which to analyse your customers against the overall market, and build on the opportunities this provides.

Improve your customer insight – and your understanding of your business

By combining your existing records with D&B data, Market Insight enables you to benchmark your performance against the entire business universe, to see where your company is most competitive and successful (and where your efforts aren’t delivering returns), identify your best opportunities, and so improve the efficiency of your marketing – both tactically and strategically.

By overlaying D&B’s accurate, timely and in-depth data on top of your own, Market Insight gives you the most comprehensive possible customer view, enabling you to better understand your individual customers’ value, buying patterns, churn and lifetime value. This in turn helps you identify your most valuable customers and those that are the riskiest to service; create scoring models to profile and pinpoint prospects that are most like your best customers – and hence most likely to respond and buy from you; understand corporate relationships within family trees to reveal cross- and up-selling opportunities; and generate robust prospect lists your business can rely on – and your sales force can trust to enter new markets with confidence.

Customer knowledge you can see, as well as measure
Best of all, you can achieve all of this through an intuitive, web-based resource combining ease-of-use with powerful analytics including wizards, predefined templates and a variety of visual tools such as 3D graphs, Venn diagrams etc.

Market Insight is also easy to integrate with CRM solutions such as Salesforce, and allows you to quickly create and share customised reports across the entire organisation in minutes. And your Market Insight portfolio will automatically keep pace with changes in your customers and the market, through regular database updates which can be uploaded at predetermined intervals, or when is suitable for you.

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