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Combining your business information into one place, analysing your customers, your market share, and linking it to the Bisnode database, provides you with a powerful tool to view your customers in a whole new way.

Data isn’t just a list of names, it’s information that is vital for making business decisions in our knowledge-based economy. The more we can learn about our customers and prospects, the more profitable our marketing activities will be.

Get decision power – by taking charge of your own database and combining sales, product, and historical data into one place right on your desktop. Combine your own data with the data from our database and it gives you a powerful tool to see your customers in a whole new way. Bisnode gives you access to all the data you need on your market and your customers, online and direct.

View customer profiles, regional differences, individual sales reps’ order value, product profitability per market, or per customer. Spot buying patterns, identify your Gold and Silver customers and use Bisnode data to find their ‘twins’ in the whole universe of prospects. It gives you instant access to all the information you need to make decisions and plan your marketing activities.

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