Hello there Christer Wiberg, Sales Director of Bisnode D&B, a subsidiary of the Bisnode Group

Bisnode deepens partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

For more than a decade, Bisnode in Sweden has worked in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet – the world’s oldest provider of decision-support services – and has been part of D&B’s global network.

You’re changing your name to Bisnode D&B. Why is that?

“We want to make it clear to our customers that we are a strong part of Bisnode. Having previously been partners and worked separately in eleven different countries, we are now increasing our cooperation to become a strong unit that can deliver even better solutions than before.”

How do you work at Dun & Bradstreet?

“We help exporting companies to do business abroad, primarily outside the Nordic region. By securing and valuing companies’ financial risk in relation to customers and suppliers all over the world, we facilitate global business processes. These are often complex, not least in view of the growth in financial legislation. We operate throughout the entire world – our global database gives us access to around 230 million businesses in more than 200 countries.”

How you do work with Bisnode?

“Our cooperation goes all the way back to the 1970s, when D&B acquired Soliditet and Ekonomiförlaget in Sweden. There’s been plenty of water under the bridge since then. In 2003, D&B decided to sell much of its European and Asian operations and instead create a global network of partners. Bonnier Affärsinformation invested in eleven of these countries, and Bisnode was created with Ratos and Bonnier as the principal owners.”

How do your customers benefit from this deeper cooperation?

“We will now be even better at meeting our customers’ growing needs, not least when it comes to automating business decisions, improving insight into companies’ operations and stabilising processes relating to global customers and suppliers. This cooperation also means that our customers can benefit from Bisnode’s other offerings in areas where Bisnode D&B hasn’t traditionally offered solutions.” 



Christer Wiberg
Christer Wiberg

Sales Director Bisnode D&B

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