EuroContactPool adds austrian data

The inclusion further fuels the growth of EuroContactPool

The world’s most comprehensive pan-European business database, EuroContactPool, has announced the addition of Austrian business data.

The inclusion of data on 100 per cent of Austrian registered companies and 95 per cent of non-registered proprietorships will fuel the growth of EuroContactPool, which now covers 26 million contacts in 16 countries.

The Austrian data provides details on 630,000 named executives in 615,000 companies.  The in‑depth information includes: contact data, import/export statistics, legal form of company, industry code, turnover, and number of employees.

Johan Lindqvist, Business Manager for EuroContactPool, believes the data will be a valuable addition to the master database.

“Austria is a trade-driven economy with strong relationships with Germany and Central Europe, and so an important country for any organisation planning a pan-European campaign,” he says.

EuroContactPool has spearheaded the drive towards better and more intelligent use of data as the basis for business growth.  “If you know you’re dealing with accurate information then you can make accurate business decisions,” says Lindqvist.  “You can profile your best clients and find more of them in new markets, and you can devise marketing campaigns that hit the right target first time and really deliver results.”

EuroContactPool has enjoyed spectacular growth in the past two years as recession-hit companies have looked to new growth markets.  The highly accurate data – 10,000 adjustments and amendments are made every day – puts it at the heart of a range of data services.  These include:  Data Delivery (data sourcing), Data Quality (cleaning, enhancing and updating), and Data Intelligence (combining, analysing and appending data).

Also in demand is Data Integration which provides a seamless link between the powerful EuroContactPool database and industry-standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, such as Salesforce, SuperOffice and Microsoft Dynamics.

The inclusion of Austrian data follows on a recent announcement of EuroContactPool’s European roll out which will see it expand its services right across Europe during 2012.


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