D&B Austria and WISUR support the project "My Representative" with their global company database uses the global D&B database to research which companies Austrian politicians are shareholders of. The results will be made public on the platform "".

In which companies are Austrian politicians invested? In which companies do they have mandates? To whom and to which causes are they committed? To answer these questions, can now use the data and services of D&B Austria and WISUR, suppliers of business information solutions.

The analysis of "My Representative" encompasses the 18 members of the cabinet, the 183 members of the National Assembly, the 62 members of the Federal Assembly and the 17 representatives in the EU parliament.

"We think it is important to look behind the scenes of the politics and make our findings available to the public via an internet platform", says Alexander Skrein, Chairman of

"Politicians should be role models", says Dieter Bodingbauer, Managing Director of D&B Austria and WISUR. "Transparency isn't just a word, but must be filled with life." This transparency could also serve as a basis for greater trust between the voters and their representatives.


Mag. Romana Edelhauser
Head of Marketing & PR at D&B and WISUR
Tel: +43 1 58861-1200



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