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Smart CRM system pays off for Doctors Without Borders

Bisnode Charity has given Doctors Without Borders in Sweden an easy-to-use CRM system that is fully tailored for the non-profit organisation. Good oversight and simple management of donors, donations, selection and campaigns has resulted in its rank as best on the market.

Doctor's Without Borders Sweden

Donations in Sweden are increasing

Support for Doctors Without Borders in Sweden is rising sharply. Between 2013 and 2015, donations increased by over 28 percent, from SEK 418 million to SEK 535 million. The forecast for 2016 is that the organisation will collect over SEK 590 million.

“The time we save by using Charity for CRM means that despite annual growth of 12 to 13 percent, we haven’t needed to add staff at that same rate,” says Liselott Raphael, head of Donor Services at Doctors Without Borders in Sweden.

The result is lower personnel costs for administration and thus more money for the organisation’s work out in the world.

Easy-to-use CRM 

“Charity is easy to use. In my department, we appreciate having a modern, intuitive CRM system that clearly shows what to do in the next step. It makes it really easy for our volunteers to learn the system, even if they aren’t particularly familiar with computers,” says Liselott Raphael.

It is easy to manage and speed up procedures with Charity.

“Much of the time saved is due to having a good tool for registering different kinds of gifts, loading OCR files and the ability to set up direct debiting or create printouts such as thank-you letters with the simple click of a button. We’re convinced that there’s no better CRM system for us on the market than Charity,” she says.


Customized system for fundraising

Such praise is partly due to the fact that Doctors Without Borders helped to design the system.

“The market had no CRM system that was suitable for a non-profit organisation and that met our needs. Most other systems are far too simple and underestimate the need for administration and analysis. So we decided to help build and develop a new system. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s definitely been worth the trouble,” says Liselott Raphael. She adds, “I think a lot of people who have never worked with non-profit or fund-raising organisations don’t understand how important it is for us to have a good CRM system. We’re completely dependent on our donors and we need to analyse them.”

Better segmentation with Charity Analytics

For Filippa Wittenberg, CRM Strategic Advisor & Analyst at Doctors Without Borders in Sweden, better opportunities for analysis topped her wish list while the new system was in the design phase.

“What we value most on the market is the connection to Charity Analytics, which provides us with a ton of information about our donor groups. Being able to see and analyse what happens lets us make better, more strategic choices, primarily in our CRM efforts,” says Filippa Wittenberg.

The process function of Charity also makes it easier to keep track of time, such as when it’s time to send out a letter or contact people via telemarketing, she points out. While major catastrophes and special events result in extra gifts, monthly gifts still generate the most revenue and will continue to do so. Donors are therefore perhaps the most important group. Monthly contributions provide a fixed revenue and the ability to plan ahead, which allows for more long-term planning of aid initiatives. In addition, administration costs are low.

Easier to recruit new donors

“We are therefore focusing a lot of energy on more monthly donors through both telemarketing and direct conversations. We work a great deal with segmentation and based on the information in our database, good CRM allows us to make strategic choices, see which of our donors are most profitable and make an effort to recruit similar people.”

Charity makes it easy to efficiently recruit new donors and to encourage existing donors to give more.

“Because we have tools that simplify our CRM work, we can also make sure we contact donors at the right time, which improves the conditions for our work to pay off,” she says.



Anders Forsberg
Anders Forsberg


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