Optimized prospecting

Belgacom is the largest telecom operator in Belgium, and communicates regularly with residential prospects. WDM provides insight into the telecom giant’s prospect universe via a real time solution, Belgacom Select, which has taken Belgacom’s direct marketing activities to the next level.

“We have a long tradition of conducting direct marketing activities to communicate with our prospects on the residential market. Bisnode Belgium has provided us with customer enrichment and customer identification for the past 15 years,” says Hilde Nollet, Customer information manager at Belgacom.

Transparent universe

Belgacom’s business needs changed in an increasingly fast paced market, and they expressed the need for access to the database in a faster and less complicated fashion. Previously they had a standard process, but in 2011 Bisnode Belgium developed a new customized solution that provides the Belgacom marketers with an improved transparency into the prospect universe. The new web based solution, Belgacom Select, provides the Belgacom marketers with an easy to use tool that serves as a converter between IT and marketing and helps them boost sales.

“Belgacom Select allows the marketers to play around with the data and think like marketers rather than engineers. It provides our marketers with a clear view of the market and definitely helps them make better decisions,” says Hilde Nollet.

Operational efficiency

Belgacom Select is an inspiring real time interface. Aside from providing the marketers with a transparent view into the prospect universe, it also speeds up the process of identifying the prospects according to selected search criteria significantly. It also provides the marketers with exact numbers that match the different search criteria, which provides them with a predictable cost.

“Mining the data via the Belgacom Select tool is, aside from being more inspiring, also much quicker than before. Our marketers can unleash their creativity and quickly execute direct marketing activities that reach the target and stay on budget.

Strategic partnership

A close dialogue between the two companies ensures that Bisnode Belgium continuously provides a service that adds value to Belgacom.

“The Bisnode Belgium representatives are very perceptive to our business needs and strategic challenges. By making it easier for us to reach our customers we have increased our investment in information from Bisnode Belgium,” Hilde Nollet explains.



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