What you can expect when you work for us

We expect a lot from you, To have fun at work, for example

As a company, we have access to the world’s best data; it’s a valuable commodity for us. But we’re dependent on the 2,700 people who work for us every day refining, analysing, selling and packaging the commodity in different ways for our clients so that they can make smart decisions.

All these individuals enrich us with their expertise, culture and good humour, with their interests, knowledge and nationalities. This diversity is a central aspect of our organisation. Bisnode’s evolution as a company depends on everyone’s unique input of ideas, thoughts and opinions – together we’re smarter.

You’ll notice this when you work at Bisnode. Our working environment is open and easy-going, and based on everyone helping each other, across areas of expertise and geographical boundaries. We make great demands and we delegate a lot of responsibility. Because the most important thing for us is to help people find the right answers and insights. It’s our driving force. And we think it’s the most fun you can have. 


It’s important for us to hold onto our employees – we’re nothing without them. So there are a number of opportunities to grow within Bisnode, both as a manager and a specialist. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to develop your skills and offer you interesting routes to advance within the company. Helping you to grow as an individual and get better at what you do improves our chances of growing as a company.

We work locally as a team, close to our clients. But because we’re a big company with a presence all over Europe, there’s always an opportunity to find new challenges when you want to take the next step in your career. You’ll always have our complete support in your professional development.



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