Become a Christmas Tree Expert

Christmas trees are an indispensable symbol of Christmas and of the holiday atmosphere. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most well known and most popular family traditions in the world. For this holiday season Bisnode have researched this tree more closely.

Every day, Bisnode helps companies to find and manage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle by pioneering Smart Data.  Smart data is analyzed, relevant data, and this holiday season with help of Bisnode’s unique database, unstructured and scattered web data combined with analytical models we created a Christmas Tree Index.

The index looks into what the origins of this tradition, the most popular species of Christmas trees and calculated what investments are necessary for growing them. It provides information on how many Christmas trees can be bought for the average net salary, and the potential EU plaiting capacity.

Download the Bisnode Christmas Tree Analysis to become the Christmas Tree Expert of the season. 



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