Bisnode’s Christmas gift for 2012 donated to children in need

Bisnode Sweden’s companies have joined forces to donate a total of SEK 100,000 to three different organisations that help children in need both in Sweden and internationally, Save the Children, BRIS and Hello Africa.

BRIS stands for Children’s Rights in Society and helps children up to the age of 18 years. The core of its operations is to function as link between children, adults and the community. BRIS operates toll-free telephone numbers that children and young people can turn to when they need support from an adult. BRIS highlights a children’s perspective and sees children and young people as its clients – the organisation’s activities are planned on the basis of their needs. For more information about BRIS go to:

Save the Children Sweden is part of an international popular movement that is committed to improving the living conditions of children and promoting respect for children’s rights. They call attention to violations of children’s rights, arouse public opinion in children’s rights issues and influence decision makers – from local authorities to the United Nations. Save the Children Sweden is part of the International Save the Children Alliance, which consists of 29 organisations that work to support children’s rights. Together they emphasise this issue in all aid work, in both catastrophe situations and more long-term initiatives. For more information about Rädda barnen/Save the Children go to:

Hello Africa is a project that is being carried out at St. Joseph’s health centre, located around 10 km outside Korogwe in northeastern Tanzania. Activities are conducted by an order of nuns in which the sisters are trained nurses and lab technicians. Unfortunately, the opportunities to make accurate and precise diagnoses are very poor, which means that they are forced to use antibiotics when these are not actually needed. As a result, the small store of medicines often runs out and there is a heightened risk for antibiotic resistance. Hello Africa is aimed at improving the clinic’s diagnostic capabilities by collecting money that will be used in full to purchase lab equipment. This will solve the antibiotics-related problems and is also intended to promote self-assistance, since the clinic can charge a fee for example to handle blood samples from other clinics in the region, money which can then be reinvested in its own activities. The unique aspect of the project is that all money is donated without intermediaries and that it is driven through the Bisnode company Lundalogik. For more information about the project go to:


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