Bisnode business climate analysis

Bisnode assembled numbers from the databases across Europe and compiled an aggregate report on the status of bankruptcies and foundations in the region for the first quarter of 2012. The data indicates great differences in the business climate per industry and region, and the “Insolvency and Foundation Index” shows a weakening economy in Europe as a whole.

Bisnode’s report offers a perspicuous picture of the business climate that reflects the macroeconomic state in the different parts of the Europe.  

“Within the Bisnode universe we have clear and qualitative data of the general state of the business climate, and for the first time we have put together a report that provides an overall view of foundations and bankruptcies in Europe. It offers our customers a perspective that is wider than the scope, which is might be particularly interesting if you are looking to make investment decisions,” says Arvid Brackrogge, Director Bisnode Scoring Group. 

Regional differences
Bisnode has defined three different regions in Europe, and the report for Q1 2012 indicated major differences between the Nordics, the DACH and central Europe.

“Europe is facing a serious governmental financing crisis and is still recovering from the bank crisis in 2008.  Generally speaking, the numbers indicate that the central European region is more affected by the crisis than the Nordics and DACH regions, which can be attributed to the fact that businesses in this region are less stable and have less of a buffer,” says Arvid Brackrogge. 

Globalization creates volatility
Differences in volatility between the economic sectors show that the primary sector is more stable than other parts of the economy, and that business that face global competition are more vulnerable. 

“Central European businesses are clearly suffering from the current crisis, but the ones in stable economies such as of Norway, Sweden and Germany remain solvent. However, the Insolvency and Foundation Index for the countries covered in the report has a negative trend as the number of foundations drop and bankruptcies increase which clearly indicates that there is an imbalance in the economy. 

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