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We live in a world where enormous amounts of data are constantly created by private individuals, organisations and companies. In fact, ninety per cent of the world’s data has been generated in just the last two years.

In this rapidly changing world full of digital information, some people see challenges and limitations. We see unlimited opportunities to help them.

Bisnode helps people’s everyday lives function smoothly in a variety of ways. Every day, for instance, we provide decision support to thousands of companies and organisations all over Europe. Another example is the lightning fast way we provide essential information to banks, shops, etc. so they can loan money and complete transactions.

Examples of the way our services are used:

  • When you take out a bank loan
    Can you really afford that new car? The bank quickly lets you know if you’ve been approved for a loan or not. Behind the scenes, a solution from Bisnode is providing the answer.
  • When you visit the Swedish Social Insurance Agency
    The Swedish Social Insurance Agency needs many answers, such as when they need to make sure that the right parental benefit is going to the right parents. That’s when they use a solution from Bisnode.
  • When the police need to check a driver’s licence
    When the police need to check a driver’s identity, they can ask security questions – such as What’s your mother’s name? Where does your brother live? Bisnode makes sure that the police have access to the right answers.
  • When you collect a prescription
    When the chemist dispenses a prescription medicine, an ID card and a prescription are matched in the database via an identity check provided by Bisnode.
  • When you want to prove your ability to pay
    An AAA credit rating is important proof that a company is solvent and reliable. More that 20 years’ experience of evaluating the credit worthiness of companies is behind the AAA diploma.
  • When you’re a member of a customer club
    Our market analysts combine customer data with business intelligence so that as a consumer you receive targeted special offers relevant for you.


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