About our values, our vision and our areas of expertise

The Bisnode Way

The Bisnode Way is a summary of our values, our areas of expertise, our ambition and our promise, and it describes many of the aspects that govern our work. The following ten points will give you a good idea of Bisnode, our corporate culture and what’s important to us.

1. We listen to our customers
First listen then act. The best way to satisfy our customers unique challenges is by listening closely to their needs. And then deliver just the right solution – either an existing product or service, or a tailored solution based on existing and preferred IT platforms.

2. We act professionally
Don’t forget that we are the experts. If we use our full potential
we can develop superior solutions and beat the competition – every day.
Together we can lead our industry into the future.

3. We always use quality data
Data is fundamental to what we do. It’s our main ingredient. And just like when you cook, the outcome is highly dependent on what you put in. So we always use the best data there is. Then we refine it and enhance it. Our aim is to deliver the most accurate data on the market – and to maximize the quality of our customers’ data.

4. We analyze before we deliver
The data needs to be analyzed before we provide it to our customers. Only by thorough analysis can we turn the data into something that enables them to make smart decisions.

5. We provide insights and answers
Our customers need answers and insights. So that’s exactly what we should give them. Something they can act on. Since we are experts on aggregating and combining large amounts of data from different sources, we can provide them with better decision solutions.

6. We integrate on different touchpoints
New technologies can offer a superior user experience. We deliver analysis platforms and integrate our data with our customers’ existing platforms. We automate decision-making and help them increase efficiency. We simplify life for our customers.

7. We keep our promises
Trust is a requirement for success. Only if customers trust us, will they rely on us. And only if the world trusts us as a company will we get the data we need. So we always act in a responsible and trustworthy manner and manage data responsibly.

8. We are open
It’s important to connect with colleagues. Our company is filled with bright people who are willing to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and new ways of doing things. Work together and everything will be easier, better and more fun both for you and the customers.

9. We can do it
Always remember that anything is possible. That you have the brains, colleagues and resources to reach big goals. You are the expert in your field. It’s your job to be thought-leading. Only with your help can we realize our vision of a world where people feel empowered to take action.

10. We enable smart decisions
This is our brand promise because we contribute to a world where decisions are made, not delayed, to drive the world in the right direction: forward. In this world, people dare to move ahead. No matter the challenge, people feel ready and able to take decisions, and they are proud of the outcome. 




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